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Naturally Bipolar

Traversing the Peaks and Valleys

All My Stories

All My Stories


Hi, I'm Shannon!
My goal is to help

After experiencing rapid cycling for the first time in 6 years during 2020 I realized just how important my routines were for bringing myself back out of the peaks and valleys. 


Had I not had the tools I will be talking about in this blog and podcast I am honestly not sure I would have made it through the last year. Unfortunately, some of my friends and family did not have that same luxury. This page is just as much for them and their families as it is for you and yours. ***

My purpose is to share the knowledge I have gleaned over the past 11 years in the hopes that these tools will help you reach a place of peace and balance in your life. And for the family members of those with BD, I hope my words may bring you some clarity and acceptance. Someone with Bipolar is not their illness. They need love and care just like you do. Take the time to learn as much as you can to help them and let them know what you need too. Sometimes a little permission and security is all we need to open the lines of communication with you. 


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