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Shannon MacDonald

My Story: The Cliff-notes Version

My name is Shannon MacDonald.  I was diagnosed with BPD at the early age of 17, and the years that have followed have been quite the journey to say the least!

After health complications due in part to my medications 5 years post diagnoses I yearned to find a way to handle my bipolar 100% naturally.  With the go ahead from my therapist, under his guidance, and with my own yearning for knowledge I took on this natural method full storm! 

I will tell you right now it is not the easy way, it is not the quick way, but for me it has certainly been the most fulfilling way to live my life and maintain both my physical & mental health. And all of my methods can be done safely in tandem with medication for those who choose to remain on their meds.

I want to specifically thank my Mother, Lori Glasgow, my Husband, James MacDonald, and my therapist, Dr. Cervantes for being the most accepting, motivating, and secure support system a girl could have ever asked for.  I undoubtedly could not be doing what I am doing if it was not for you three!

I also thank God for giving me the strength everyday to get out of bed and make change in my life. No matter what path I take, His plan is always greater than my own. 

In the words of a friend who reminded me to be grateful for the little things:

Thanks be to God!

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